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LOLObama: LOLs for Change

Post some fucking Obama!

Obama Macros: LOLs for Change ...
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Welcome to the Obama macros LJ. Basically, the idea is combining the awesome of LOLbama type text macros and Yes We Can Has type kitty macros on one LJ comm.

SO! Please feel free to come in and post any macros that involve Obama in any way. This includes any macros that involve people in the same election or who are related to him (like Michelle). This also includes Cat Macros that are Obama-related - like ye olde cat-in-couch "In Obama's couch, finding change!" macro. We don't mind profanity, as we are talking about MACROS here, so keep that in mind, everyone.


Community Rules:
1. All posts must contain an Obama/political macro or be Obama/politics macro-related.
1a. Any political macros are welcomed, in the spirit of inclusiveness! If you've brought an LOLObama macro, feel free to also bring us your LOLBidens, EmanueLOLs, LOLlaries, McLOLain's and LOLBushes, as well as any others you want to share.
2. LJ-cuts are required for large images (more than 700px wide).
3. MORE THAN ONE plain photo (under the 700px size) requesting captions must be behind an LJ-cut.
3.5 MORE THAN THREE macros (under the 700px size) are respectfully requested to be behind an LJ-cut. Is polite. (Most people do it if they have more than one hint hint hint.)
4. Plain photos not requesting captions will be deleted ... very probably. Unless they're found to be hilarious.
5. Macros of anything not Obama or politics related will very likely be mocked and then deleted.
6. Videos are not considered macros and will very likely be mocked and then deleted. (There may be exceptions, srsly.)
7. Posts cannot have their comments screened or disabled.
8. No posting of dead, tortured, or otherwise mutilated ... Obamas ... or other creatures.
9. No posting of internet quizzes or their results, they will very likely be mocked and then deleted.
9 1/2. Racial epithets and slurs are pretty much unwelcome here. Don't bring 'em in, because they will very likely be mocked and then deleted.
10. No flouncing. It is in poor taste and no one cares. Plus, there will be mocking involved, mostly of you.
11. Troublemakers will be banned at the discretion of the maintainer. *straps on the Big Modly Boots of Bannination*
12. Do not use the community for personal promotion of any kind.

Disclaimer: Failure to comply with the rules will leave you open for mocking, among other things. Remember, there is no crying in macro war.

Thanks to cat_macros for being an awesome place to steal rules from pattern our rules after. Because kittydoom is an awesome Mod that moira_fae11 would like to grow up to be like.

ladypolitik 's political pic collection for use in making awesome macros:
Browse by album theme and master tag list.
obama_daily - Another great Obama/political picture resource ... full of really pretty (and often lol worthy) pictures! <3

Other political macro comms/sites:
Pundit Kitchen
Yes We Can Has
LOLCats 4 Obama

Other awesome macro comms:

For your own personal use in macromaking:
- Tutorial on Using Fonts in Photoshop
- Image Macro entry at Wikipedia
- Image Macro entry at Encyclopedia Dramatica
- Suggestions on how to make an awesome Image Macro
- Roflbot
- LolCat Builder
- ICanHasCheezBurger Factory


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